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Eclipse Camping

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Indian Blanket Ranch

Indian Blanket Ranch is a Nature Reserve, with wildlife & nature trails.
We enjoy sharing Nature & our Dark Sky with others!
(Rated Bortle 3 on Dark Sky Scale)

Join us for these 2 spectacular Solar Eclipse Events,
Our ranch is along the Centerline,
X marks the spot for both!
These are very rare events & we feel blessed to experience them both!!

Included in Camping Fee:

Eclipse Viewing Area, 
Eclipse Souvenir Wristbands,
Solar glasses for # in group,
Eclipse/Night Sky Talks,
Star Parties, Storytelling/Music,
Hike/Bike/Bird/Nature Trails to Explore,
Visit Nature Center on property.
Musician Pickers Circle
(bring instrument & join in)

*Bring chairs for Lectures, Storytelling, Music & Star Parties.
*Lights out during Star Parties; Flashlight & lanterns need red lightbulbs or red cover.
*Outside lights must be red light bulbs only!
*No dogs at Star Parties; for Safety of telescopes, dogs & guests.

April Eclipse Viewing area & events on Ranch are not open to public.
Only family/volunteers, lodging & camping guests will be on ranch for April 8, 2024 Eclipse Day!

Primitive Camping:

Only Fully Self-contained Vans, RV, Campers & Tents.*Bring Quiet Gas Generators or     
  Solar Generators for Power
*Bring All Water, Food & Drinks
*Bring Portable Toilet Containers
*No Campfires (Fire Hazard)
*Propane Grills/Griddles Allowed
  (Use Caution)
*Take Your Trash when you leave
Campsites are for up to;
1 RV&1 tent, or 1 Van&1 tent, or 4 Tents
  • Maximum 6 people per site.
  • Children 1 year & under Free (don't add them to guest count)
  • 3 Vehicles per campsite.
  • Each Campsite is Allowed 1 non-barking, non-aggressive dog, must always be on leash. 
  • No Fee for Dog, But Tell us if bringing a dog!


Oct.14, 2023 ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE Was an awesome Experience!!

Campers really enjoyed the wide open spaces for viewing the Eclipse & 
nature hiking trails!
They plan to be here again for the Total Solar Eclipse in April 2024!!


April 8, 2024 Totality on Indian Blanket Ranch is 4 min 26.3 seconds.
We are only 1 second off centerline. Centerline is 4 min 26.4 seconds.
From first to last contact is about
2 hours 40 min, roughly.

Eclipse Michael (Aisner) has witnessed 14 total eclipses in 11 countries.
Michael & crew will camp here.
His Eclipse lecture is 7pm on April 7th.
They will help with Star Parties too!

April 8, 2024 requires full payment when reserved. 3 night minimum
Up to 4 people $100 per night;
$20 each extra person per night, maximum 6 people
No lodging tax for camping.

*Refunds Only If it Rains So Much That You Can't Drive into the Pasture Camping Area!

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Photos of Indian Blanket Ranch
Camping, Eclipse Watching, Star Parties, Nature Center,
Hike, Bike, Bird Trails